Warum nicht?

Folge 15 vom 29.12.2011

Bicyclemark is a pretty cool guy. He does journalism and isn't afraid of anything (especially deadlines).


2:37Mass media
7:58Teaching journalism


0:02CitizenReporter.org: about Bicyclemark
0:04CitizenReporter.org / Bicyclemarks blog
0:25Wikipedia: United States / this land called America
0:26Wikipedia: Bicycle
0:51Wikipedia: New Jersey
1:27Wikipedia: War correspondent
1:32Troops in Iraq Say Reporters Have a ‘Vulture Syndrome’
1:48Wiktionary: post-war
2:04Wikipedia: Afghanistan
2:06Wikipedia: Kosovo
2:07Wikipedia: Libya
2:25Wikipedia: Podcast
2:28Wikipedia: Entropy (information theory), Entropy as information content / information density
2:34Know Your Meme: X all the Y
2:38Wiktionary: be that as it may
3:00Wikipedia: Portugal
3:07Wikipedia: Mass media, Influence and effects / TV culture
3:17Wikipedia: North-South divide / Global South
3:21Wikipedia: Talk show
3:24Wikipedia: Public policy
3:58Strategic Coach: A Brief History of Multipiers
4:19Wikipedia: Elitism
4:45CitizenReporter.org posts about Kosovo
5:03Wikipedia: Serbian nationalism
5:10xkcd: Duty Calls / Someone is wrong on the internet.
5:41CitizenReporter.org: bm273 Spam Producers and Fishing Rights in West Africa
5:46Wikipedia: Mauretania
5:53Wikipedia: Exclusive economic zone / fishing rights
6:27CitizenReporter.org: Mauritania and Greenpeace, Round 2
6:53CitizenReporter.org: bm276 Mauritania, Greenpeace, and Bottom Trawling
6:50Wikipedia: Apple juice
7:26Wikipedia: Ethical code
8:05Wikipedia: Community journalism / initiative journalism
9:30Wikipedia: CNN
9:47Fotografiona's blog
10:56TV Tropes: Suspiciously Specific Denial
11:44Quotes regarding the fictional drug soma in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World