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Folge 8 vom 12.8.2011

Nick Farr, who certainly is not a communist, talks about helping people, making the world a better place and not blindly following leaders.


0:00Exposition and Communism
0:40School and Being Nice
2:54Media and Storytelling
6:27Power and Human Nature


0:02Hackerspaces Wiki: Nick Farr
0:03Flickr: Nick Farr posing with a biplane
0:04Fidel Castro
0:06Fidel Castro Hat
0:13Wikipedia: Communism
0:17Wikipedia: The Americas
0:28Wikipedia: List of socialist countries
0:32Wikipedia: History of Germany
0:44Wikipedia: Elementary School
0:45Wikipedia: High school (but what was nick farrs high school?)
0:55Wikipedia: Student newspaper
0:59Wikipedia: Editing, Periodicals
1:04Wikipedia: Key (lock), Master key
1:42Wikipedia: Schulpforte (where erlehmann went to school)
2:11Wikipedia: Lock picking
2:13Wikipedia: Lock picking, Tolls / Lock pick sets
2:14Oh you!
2:21Wikipedia: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
2:30Chaos Communication Camp 2011 (not the Chaos Communication Congress)
3:02Wikipedia: Ethics
4:33Wikipedia: Uncle Ben, With great power comes great responsibility.
4:52Wikipedia: Narrative
4:56OpenLeaks: FAQ
5:00Wikipedia: Daniel Domscheit-Berg
5:04Wikipedia: WikiLeaks
5:11Wikipedia: Journalist
5:19Wikipedia: Inverted pyramid
5:26Story Fanactic: plot-driven or character-driven stories?
5:36Wikipedia: Newspaper, Impact of television and Internet
5:48The New York Times
5:50The Wall Street Journal
5:51Wikipedia: Rupert Murdoch
6:02YouTube: Everyone's A Hero (from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)
6:40Wikipedia: Homo homini lupus
7:13Wikipedia: Geological history of oxygen
7:35Wikipedia: Human
7:36Wikipedia: Human nature
7:39Wikipedia: World population / Humanity
7:41Wikipedia: Tribe
7:51List of modern dictators and the estimated number of people killed by their orders (excluding armies they were formally at war with)
7:54Wikipedia: Political power
8:11Wikipedia: George Orwell
8:12Wikipedia: Nineteen Eighty-Four
8:18Wikipedia: Big Brother (Nineteen Eighty-Four)
8:23Wikipedia: Class conflict
8:47Wikipedia: Brave New World ??
8:54Wikipedia: Fascism
8:57Wikipedia: Ideology
9:25Wikipedia: War
9:35Wikipedia: Hacker (programmer subculture)
9:54Fefes Blog
10:05Wikipedia: Hoax